Sherry & Jerry Palmer

How do you know the difference in a cook vs. chef? I never knew until I tasted your fabulous cooking. Most recently when you came into my home and created magic right before my eyes by preparing your speciality, "Shrimp Ala Sherry," it was then I could taste thus knew the difference. Your love, passion, care in your prep and unique blend of flavors makes you the best Chef on my list! I'm ready for an appointment!

Diamond Selina

I have had the opportunity to experience plenty of Chef Jenrette's dishes and the effects they have on those who enjoy them. Her special Southern Shrimp & Grits are a crowd favorite!

Denise Smith

Chef Devon is a passionate individual who loves her work. She has made gourmet southern style hors d'oeuvres for my friends and they were hard to keep on the table! I believe her clean and professional manner can take her far!